Due to overwhelming response I am currently only taking very high quality video. If you have this please feel free to contact me.  craftedshutter@gmail.com 

Crafted Stock is for people who love to shoot video clips but have no time to make a profit from it. It is also great for the busy video professional that has great content but no time to upload and tag to all the stock sites!  It is also great for the hobby shooter that just loves to shoot while on vacation and such. This is a wonderful opportunity for the travel vlogs type on youtube to have another income stream! I will add the keywords and descriptions for each of your clips and they will be sold on the top 5 stock video sites. Adobe, Pond5, VideoBlocks, Dissolve and ShutterStock. I have over 11 years experience with stock video I have worked closely with all the top agencies and many of them I know personally, I have set this up to be fair to you the artist so when you succeed I succeed! I take only 20% for doing proper tagging and adding descriptions for you! If you have unique footage you don't want to take the time to edit for stock then you can send me  a hard-drive and I will do all that work for you or you can send me a DropBox/GoogleDrive folder and I will take if from there as well at 35% to me and 65% to you. You will get paid through Paypal and you do not have to worry about anything except collecting money! This service is wonderful for busy video artist or travelers who want some extra income without spending hours doing the work!  I love cell phone footage shoot your clips you can send me them via link in the cloud from your phone and I will do the rest! Literally all you need is a cell phone! Go ahead and sign up today! Contact me and get started today.I will help you know what and how to shoot when you are ready.     BlackBox   

Mobile Phone/HardDrive submissions: After you are approved by me  then register at BlackBox and get approved it is time for you to start earning! Set your phone to HD 1080p or 4k. Hold phone in landscape position no vertical clips. All clips need to be at 24 or 30fps. After you have shot your clips save it to DropBox/GooglePhotos I need the original size so do not just try to e-mail me the clips. Once you send me access to the clips you are finished. I will fix them from there and upload them. So you go on vacation you shoot some clips and in the evening or when you get home you upload them to Dropbox you send me a link to get them and you are done!! Now all you have to do is wait for sales. You keep 65% of the income and just go out and have fun! 

Once a member you will be able to join the Crafted Stock Facebook Group for help and information on what to shoot. We have a helpful community! 


Will I remain the full owner of my clips? Yes, you will retain the full copyright. BlackBox will take care of the payments automatically to both of us.

What Kind of clips can I submit? Just about any subject well shot is great, People shots with model releases sell best. Travel and editorial sell good as well and of course GoPro footage and drone footage! Each clips needs to be 5 to 30sec. with no audio. You can send me the model releases via e-mail if you want full-service and I will attach them to the proper clips. Be sure to keep your phone/camera steady use the camera stabilization on the phone. I will give you more pointers and help when you sign up. But cell phone clips if shot well do just as good as any other camera! Keep in mind the agencies decide if a clip is accepted or not so don't waste time with bad footage!! If you shot a massive explosion/earthquake and the footage is not perfect that is fine because the subject is unique! Those once in a moment shots of people or things are great and sell well just don't forget to keep the camera rolling! 

What will I get paid? Each sites pays different and it depends on if it is 4k or HD along with what license was purchased. You can expect after my services to get $5 to $80 per download on an average. You need a Paypal account and any sales will be deposited on the 20th of each month. 

Do I always have to pay you 20-35%?  No! you can use my services as often as you like, maybe you just want me to keyword one batch of clips or edit one hard-drive. That is no problem! after all I am here to help you not hinder you!

What experience do you have? I have been making a living selling stock video for the past 11 years. I have studied and studied keywording and what works best so that your sells will be better. I am here  to guide you and give advice and direction so you can be successful! after all if you are successful then so am I! 

I reserve the right to refuse any clips I feel are not good enough for commercial use as well as not continue my services with you. This has no bearing on payments to you as that is automated. At this time I can only work with a certain number of people at a time. 

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